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Short Film Submission ends by 15th September 2013

Short Film Festival

All the major filmmakers in the world started with a Short Film. There is no greater joy for a filmmaker to have his movie screened for an audience and screening at a festival is a sure-fire way to start creating a buzz around the film. We at Suchitra are proud to give a platform to those young filmmakers to show-off their creativity and discuss their ideas.

Suchitra Film Society, Bangalore, announces the call for entries to the 4th Suchitra Short Film Festival for emerging filmmakers. Entries are due by September 15, 2013. The festival will take place from September 20-22, 2013.

About Suchitra

Suchitra started in 1971 as a film society was to become a part of Cinema and Cultural Academy later to expand its activities to other performing arts particularly theatre, dance and music. In the beginning, it was a forum for screening of films from world over, which was not available in the regular commercial distribution networks. It is still serving its cultural objective of making available the best of the Cinema of the world to its members and public at large. It believes that creating choices of film viewing is a first step in creating good audiences for the good Cinema. In the changed context of evolving digital technology, most of the important films are available in the home video circuit making thefilm society screenings somewhat out of sync with the times if not totally redundant. In the circumstances, Suchitra realizes that the film society movement has to respond differently by making community film viewing qualitatively distinct from that of a private viewing and emphasizing the fact that cinema experience is a shared experience rather than an individual's drawing room experience. This is done through an active dialogue about the films, the cultures they are located in and the universal values they represent.

Suchitra is aware of the cinema's independent entity from its compositional elements like literature, music, dance, photography and theatre. But it recognises the importance of nurturing these compositional elements also. Suchitra Kala Kendra, the wing active in promoting performing has drawn a blueprint for the coming years to hold regular workshops, experimentations on theatre, monthly cultural show of dance and music, literary meets etc. Suchitra BalaJagat, the children wing of the Academy, which has been meticulously and without break conducting Annual Summer Camps, Science and Environment related activities, Children's film festivals promises to pursue theses activities in future also.

Suchitra strongly believes in the collective orientation in all its activities. That is why it pursues a collaborative approach in conducting its programmes. It is associated with National Film Archive of India, Pune/ Bangalore, Alliance Fracaise, GotheInstitut for regular screenings of classics. Alliance Francaise de Bangalore is the collaborative partner for conducting French language learning classes and screening of French films. These are in addition to being affiliated to Federation of Film Societies in India. Suchitra proposes to have similar collaborative efforts with other cultural and literary organizations for future activities.