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The Suchitra Film Society was started in 1972 with the aim of creating awareness about film and promoting it as a medium. They also aimed at concentrating on the technological aspects of cinema or the grammar of cinema. The Society conducts regular screenings and film discussions and showcases international films that haven't been screened anywhere else. Some of its famous members are Girish Kasaravalli, B Suresh, HM Ramchandra and Jayamala.

The Society's greatest enterprise till date has been the ambitious thematic film festival known as "Nostalgia". It brought to the city many great stars and directors of the yesteryears and the sheer success of the festival prompted the Society to build its own little theatre, a dream project for any young film society.

They are credited with starting the Bangalore International Film Festival which has now been adopted by the Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy as the official international film festival of the city. They also support local film festivals like the European Union Film Festival.

Apart from this, the Society publishes a monthly newsletter and conducts film workshops to help members understand film better. In - depth discussions of movies which have been screened also form a major part of the Society.

With plans for a new school of cinema and dramatic arts, Suchitra now wishes to take the screening of their films all over Bangalore and gain a technical edge in the field of film appreciation. Their vision is to ensure that a person from any part of the world may be able to identify with the variety of films screened.

Open to new ways of thinking and innovation, the Society aims to collaborate with various academic and cultural institutions thus extending its activities in spaces outside the Suchitra campus and provide a training programme for the technical aspects of film.

Friday, 7-August-2013

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